Our comprehensive range of logistics staffing services covers every aspect of human resource management within the industry.

Driver as Service

Find qualified logistics professionals to fill vacant positions

Driver traning center

Outsource your recruitment process for efficient hiring

Driver management center

Get skilled professionals for temporary or long-term logistics roles

Payroll Management

Simplify payroll processing and ensure accurate payments

Industry Served

Our logistics staffing expertise extends across various industries, including
but not limited to

Coal Transportation

Signo ensures efficient, safe, and reliable coal transportation, leveraging advanced technology for optimized routes and timely deliveries.

Cement Bulker Transportation

We manage the seamless operation of cement bulker transportation, ensuring efficient and reliable delivery every time.

Hazardous Transportation

Transportation of hazardous materials is managed with utmost care and precision to ensure safety and compliance at every step.

Express Distribution

Express distribution services ensure swift and efficient delivery of goods, meeting the urgent needs of clients with speed and reliability.

Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation safeguards perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals by maintaining specific temperature conditions throughout the supply chain, ensuring product integrity and safety.

Manufacturing Industries

Transportation services tailored for manufacturing industries, facilitating efficient movement of raw materials and finished products to and from warehouses, and distribution centers.

Car/2 Wheelers Carrier

Specialized transportation services for car and two-wheeler carriers, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of vehicles to dealerships, showrooms, and customers across various locations.


Efficient multimodal transportation service facilitating the seamless movement of cargo between ports and hubs, and vice versa, optimizing logistics for businesses across diverse industries.

News & Articles

News & Articles

We are dedicated to revolutionising the logistics industry through our
expertise and technology-based solutions.