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  • What is Signo Driver selection procedure?
    Signo is conducting Job Rallies at the District level and select the candidates .
  • Are there any Background Checks on the Signo drivers done prior to placing them?
    Yes, Signo check the background of all the ex-servicemen, Indian Army takes the responsibility of all the ESM , they are pensioners if they do any wrong practice they will loose there pension.
  • Are Signo Drivers pre-trained for driving variable driving mode trucks?
    All Signo drivers have a minimum 17 years of Heavy Truck driving experience.
  • Do Signo drivers have a basic vehicle issue troubleshooting know-how, related to BS-IV version trucks?"
    All Signo drivers have trained from TATA and Asok Leyland, they are half mechanic also.
  • Do Signo drivers have ample route knowledge for Pan India movement?
    Signo drivers have the knowledge of all the routes during there duty in the Army.
  • Any particular reason, which ensures less fuel pilferage, better on-time performance and low accidental rate by Signo drivers ?"
    Signo Driver (ESM) are trained truck drivers, due to driving behavior and no fuel pilferage fuel milage increases 10%-15% and annual maintenance you will save 20-25%
  • Do Signo drivers have knowledge of operating on mobile applications effortlessly ?
    Signo Driver (Ex-servicemen) serviced in the Indian Army 17 + years they have the knowledge of operating mobile.
  • What action is taken towards the drivers who are found guilty of unethical practices or behavior?
    If we found any driver doing unethical practice we penalize them and any theft we'll investigate the matter if found his involvement we'll hand over to Police .
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